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Recovery Stories From Hope Canyon

Addiction recovery is possible! At Hope Canyon, our success is your success. Hear the personal stories of our alumni family who have overcome obstacles to achieve success with their recovery efforts, offering inspiration and hope to others seeking help.

Ashlee’s Recovery Story

Ashlee has been through it all. Struggling with polysubstance abuse for years, she has survived physical and sexual abuse, medical crises, and run ins with the law. Despite it all and the love and support of her family, Ashlee could not see a way out. Her self-esteem and self-worth issues compounded the addiction, leading her […]

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Jake’s Recovery Story

At 18 years old Jake received his first DUI. By 24 years old he was drinking heavily, smoking marijuana, and using cocaine to get through the day, self-numb, and feel like he fit in. Now through sobriety he says he finally feels like himself and that those around him recognize the drastic difference in his […]

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Jonathan’s Recovery Story

Complex childhood trauma and a sense of no control led Jonathan down a path of rebellion, substance abuse, and addiction. Abused by his father and dealing with a mother who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, Jonathan turned to petty crime and drugs to escape. By the age of 14 he was using crystal meth as […]

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Kayla’s Recovery Story

A mother at just 15, Kayla turned to substances to cope with stress, trauma, and difficult emotions. After losing her mother at just 6 years old and without a father in her life, she struggled with anger and depression for much of her life. She turned to partying, marijuana and alcohol to escape. Despite attempts […]

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Symara’s Recovery Story

Symara’s experience with drug and alcohol addiction began in the party scene. Looking for an escape and a way to numb her past traumas, she found herself lost in constant partying and a need for the next drink or dose. Her addiction affected her romantic relationship, friendships, and caused a myriad of other detrimental consequences […]

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