What Are the Dangers of Blackout Drinking? Here’s What You Should Know

Blackout drinking is dangerous not only to your health but also to your safety and wellbeing. You may not even realize what’s happening while you’re in “blackout” mode. But what you don’t know or can’t remember can still hurt you or lead to worse consequences. 

Even though alcohol is a legal substance, it’s still addictive, and excessive use can lead to any number of alcohol-related accidents, incidents, or illnesses. However, the social acceptance of alcohol use and abuse leaves many vulnerable to terrible consequences.

Risk Of Sexual Assault

Blackout drinking is often associated with excessive consumption of alcohol, but that’s not always the case. You can experience blackout drinking after just two shots. Alcohol can affect you in ways that you cannot anticipate. When you’re in a risky situation and in surroundings with no protection, you have no way of knowing what will happen. You could be vulnerable to sexual attack, or you could put yourself in any number of other dangerous situations. 

Blackout Drinking Long Term Effects

Blackout drinking can lead to dangerous falls, alcohol poisoning, burns, or car crashes. Heavy drinking has also been associated with suicide, homicide, or even domestic violence. When alcohol and sex mix, blackout drinking can lead one to make less safe decisions which may lead to sexually transmitted diseases and unintended pregnancy. 

When you participate in blackout drinking or  a blackout drinking game, you are putting yourself in danger. Long-term alcohol abuse and blackout drinking may cause you to experience greater levels of impairment issues, including memory loss, cognitive issues, and coordination problems even when you’re no longer affected by the effects of binge drinking. 

How to Not Blackout When Drinking

You can practice several quick tricks to avoid blacking out. While these tips don’t work for everyone, they may help you avoid the worst effects of drinking to excess. 

  • Drink slowly.
  • Mix it up. Drink water in between alcoholic beverages.
  • Eat a meal or snack before and while you’re drinking. 

A binge drinking disorder is serious. Habitual alcohol misuse may be signs of a deeper alcohol addiction problem. Seeking help from experienced professionals like those at Hope Canyon can help you regain control of your life.

Blackout Drinking and Binge Drinking Affect Others

Even if you think that your binge or blackout drinking is your business and it doesn’t affect anyone else, there are several ways in which it does. Your poor decisions have an influence on others up to and including catastrophic, life-changing consequences.

Driving after binge drinking or drinking to the point of blackout is dangerous and deadly. Some 28 people die every day from alcohol-related accidents. Each of these deaths is entirely preventable. Worse yet, you could be putting your family, friends, and others at risk. It’s not worth it. 

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