Symptoms You May Be Addicted to Pain Pills

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If you think you have an abuse problem or an addiction to pain pills, it’s essential to learn about the signs and symptoms of opioid-based prescription pain pill addiction. Opioid painkillers are tremendously addictive. The effects of addiction to pain pills and other highly addictive medications is that they change the chemistry of your brain. They also cause symptoms that many people suffering from addiction experience. The goal of treatment is to render addiction’s power useless through therapies and treatments that can restore the health and wellbeing of your mind and body.

Opioid Use Disorder Symptoms

Common signs and symptoms of opioid pain pill addiction:

  • Taking more pain medication that you intend to or have been prescribed to take
  • Developing a tolerance to the drug so that you have to take an increased amount in order to achieve former effects
  • Experiencing problems at work or with relationships because of your drug use
  • Continuing to use/abuse the drug in spite of its negative consequences (on health or legal standing)
  • Failing to maintain obligations or responsibilities
  • Engaging in risky behaviors such as driving while under the influence of drugs
  • No longer enjoying the activities you used to enjoy
  • Failing to stop using even after you say you will
  • Experiencing powerful cravings to use

Withdrawal symptoms show themselves when you don’t partake in your addictive substance of choice. If you encounter any of these symptoms, seek out help – immediately.

Prescription Painkiller Withdrawal Symptoms

It’s rarely possible for an individual to recover from opioid addiction without treatment. The relapse rate associated with opioids is high – over 80%. People who are addicted to opioid pain pills feel a powerful compulsion to use the drug. When they stop using, withdrawal symptoms set in, and these symptoms may begin mildly but progress to become quite severe. By entering rehab for medical detox, you can be carefully weaned from the opioids. Medical caregivers will monitor your health and provide you with treatments and FDA approved medications designed to reduce the intensity of withdrawal from pain pills. During detox, some of the most common withdrawal symptoms associated with pain pills include:

  • Shaking
  • Chills
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Stomach cramps
  • Diarrhea
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Powerful cravings for the drug

Detox can last anywhere from a few days to even a bit longer than a week. As time progresses, withdrawal symptoms weaken and then subside. Sometimes symptoms like cravings can linger. Treatments can help you control these cravings. When detox is complete, you can begin the next phase of your recovery journey.

Help for Pain Pill Addiction and Withdrawal

Hope Canyon Recovery specializes in holistic addiction treatments that target each aspect of addiction. Our therapists and addiction specialists will help you identify the triggers that led you to abuse opioid pain pills and then create strategies to help you cope with them. Helping you prevent relapse and stick to your recovery plan is a cornerstone of what we do. Contact Hope Canyon Recovery at (619) 343-2395 to learn more about our customizable addiction treatments. We look forward to helping you achieve lasting sobriety and the healthy life you crave.

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