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Detox Programs

Fear and anxiety should never stand in the way of your recovery journey. Pain and discomfort caused by withdrawal symptoms may have played a part in propelling your addiction, but you don’t have to continue that cycle. Through carefully monitored, detox programs your journey can begin with a comfortable transition into recovery.

Detox at Hope Canyon

Our methods of detox utilizes safe, regulated regimens to help you break the physical bonds of drug and alcohol so you can begin the mental and emotional journey of addiction recovery. These detox regimens are designed to address withdrawal symptoms, reduce urges, and make it easier to focus on uncovering the deep-rooted causes of substance abuse. Round the clock supervision by a team of addiction recovery specialists will help you stay on the path to recovery while providing the support you need to continue making progress.

On a detox regimen, assistance may be used to help you overcome substance dependency without suffering through negative side effects. This often assists in blocking the desired effects of substance use, encouraging your continued commitment to clean and sober living. Once the physical aspects of substance abuse are removed from the equation, addiction recovery becomes a matter of maintaining your resolution to live beyond drug and alcohol abuse.

Traditionally, these detox programs last between five and seven days, though this timeframe may be adjusted in accordance to your needs. During this time, group and individual therapy sessions allow you to begin addressing the underlying causes of substance abuse, thus building a solid foundation for your sober future.

What Hope Canyon Does Differently

Not all detox programs are alike. At Hope Canyon, our detox programs are personally designed for each client. We take the time to get to know you and your needs rather than using a “one size fits all” approach to detox. Hope Canyon understands that each person’s journey is different and requires specialized care, beginning in the detox level of care. Here’s where we differ from other detox facilities:

  • Hope Canyon guarantees the most effective detox regimen in the shortest amount of time
  • Low occupancy allows for a greater level of care for each client’s needs
  • 24 hour monitoring ensures your comfort and safety throughout the detox process
  • Easy access to knowledgeable staff to address concerns quickly and efficiently
  • Smooth and effortless transition into residential rehab keeps your focus on healing

Hope Canyon puts an emphasis on your well-being by making your recovery goals our own. We do more than give you a warm bed during detox: our community resources make it easy to continue your journey even after you exit our programs. This continued support shows our commitment to you and your long-term success. We want to see you prosper and become the person you were always meant to be.

Don’t lose another day to the haze of drug and alcohol abuse. Call us now to begin your journey with Hope Canyon!