Residential Treatment

Residential inpatient rehab programs offer a safe haven for overcoming substance abuse and addiction. By removing external distractions and temptations, residential inpatient treatment creates an atmosphere for internal reflection and healing. Taking the time to truly understand and address the underlying causes of substance abuse is key to overcoming addiction. With Hope Canyon, you can begin your recovery process in a peaceful environment while receiving the guidance you need to make lasting change in your life.

Residential Rehab at Hope Canyon

After completing your medically assisted detox regimen, moving forward into our residential rehab program allows you to continue your progress with the same team of compassionate medical and mental health care professionals. This familiarity with your personal journey creates a more personalized experience, helping you secure long-term success in your recovery.

Even if your path to sobriety didn’t begin with Hope Canyon, we are here to ensure your next steps are steady and in the right direction. We are ready to help you enrich your life and build the bright future you deserve!

During the Hope Canyon intake process, each client is assigned to a case manager and therapist to ensure your needs throughout treatment are fully met. During this time we will conduct a full interview and physical exam to help us create a fully comprehensive treatment course. Using this information, your personalized treatment plan is designed to optimize effectiveness and enrich your recovery. We use this approach because we understand that recovery is not one size fits all-  the journey is different for everyone. Hope Canyon embraces these differences to create an exceptional experience for everyone.

The therapeutic options offered at Hope Canyon include:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): mindfulness and other conscious thought techniques used to change harmful behavioral patterns.
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT): a form of CBT, this behavior modification method replaces negative behaviors with more beneficial habits.
  • Emotion and Trauma-based Therapies: heal by addressing negative thoughts and emotions associated with past traumas in a safe and controlled environment.
  • Relationship and Family Counseling: mend the damage caused by active addiction while gaining better insight, understanding, and support from the people you love.
  • Motivational Interviewing: learn to fully embrace the lifestyle transformation of addiction recovery and incorporate these changes into your everyday life.
  • Life Skills Training: gain actionable new skills and tools for coping with life’s challenges.

Additional Advantages of Hope Canyon’s Residential Rehab

Because of our dedication to your recovery journey, Hope Canyon strives to provide a truly transformative recovery experience for all of our clients. From your admission date and beyond your discharge, we offer support, guidance and encouragement every step of the way.

Beyond standard treatment, Hope Canyon also offers a variety of services and amenities to help enhance your experience and secure your clean and sober future. This includes:

  • Aftercare planning and assistance
  • Medical maintenance support
  • Assistance with continued education efforts
  • Relapse prevention support
  • Optional faith-based counseling
  • Yoga and guided meditation
  • Recreational therapy
  • Weekly community events and outings

Hope Canyon is your chance to change your future. Begin your journey today- call us now!